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About Us

Raki in a glass

Company Profile

Beylerbeyi UK Ltd. is a Companies House registered company operating in United Kingdom to import premium quality rakı products from its birthplace Turkey and organise distribution in all over the UK and Channel Islands.

We are dealing with wholesalers, supermarket chains, bars & restaurants, event organisers and private customers. We have direct sales from our web site and wholesale through our distribution channels.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to import high quality premium rakı to UK market and make it available for adult people who are eligible to consume it.


Our vision is to make traditionally produced high quality premium rakı the most popular alcoholic drink enjoyed by people all around the world. 


Raki in a glass
Raki in barrels

Turkish Tradition

Made from grapes and raisins, flavored with pungent anise usually diluted with water and sipped with snacks or meals.


Beylerbeyi Raki

Beylerbeyi raki is one and only premium raki spirit for  those who will enjoy tasting raki itself but no additives...

%100 Grape Alcohol
No added ethyl alcohol
No added sugar

◆ Gluten Free

Raki London
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